Tom Anthony

PhD Student in Computer Science

Department of Computer Science
University of Hertfordshire
Hatfield AL10 9AB
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1707 286500


I joined the Adaptive Systems Research Group at the University of Hertfordshire as a PhD student in October 2007. My principal supervisor is Dr. Daniel Polani, and my secondary supervisor is Prof. Chrystopher Nehaniv.

My research is centered around the perception-action loop formalism, and using information theoretic tools to drive intelligent behaviour. I am particulary interested in what type of structure must exist in a world to encourage adaptivity and learning in an embodied agent, and how that structure may be detected and exploited by such an agent.

My PhD is part-time, so please be patient if you email me and I don't get back to you as quickly as I might. Don't let this put you off contacting me though - I love speaking with fellow researchers.


Anthony, T., Polani, D., and Nehaniv, C. L., (2014). General Self-Motivation and Strategy Identification: Case Studies based on Sokoban and Pac-Man. Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, IEEE Transactions on, 6(1), 1-17. (PDF | Abstract | Bibtex)

Anthony, T., Polani, D., and Nehaniv, C. L., (2009). Impoverished Empowerment: 'Meaningful' Action Sequence Generation through Bandwidth Limitation. In Proc. European Conference on Artificial Life 2009, Budapest. Springer. (PDF | Abstract | Bibtex)

Anthony, T., Polani, D., and Nehaniv, C. L. (2008). On Preferred States of Agents: how Global Structure is reflected in Local Structure. In Bullock, S., Noble, J., Watson, R., and Bedau, M. A., editors, Artificial Life XI: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems, pages 25-32. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. (PDF | Abstract | Bibtex)


My research runs in parallel with the work of a few others in my research group:


When not hard at work on my research, I work doing search engine optimisation. I enjoy the same various hobbies as most people (films, reading, friends and family) as well as some less common ones. I study Jeet Kune Do, a martial art and philosophy established by Bruce Lee, and I enjoy photography. Also, I like playing both poker and chess, and am developing a bit of a hobby around web application security for which I've already claimed a couple of Google Security Bounties. I occasionally write on my blog.