Alex Shafarenko

Professor of Software Engineering

   School of Computer Science 
   University of Hertfordshire
   College Lane, 
   Hatfield, Hertfordshire 
   AL10 9AB
   United Kingdom 

   e-mail: (replace minus by @)
   phone:	+44-1707-284116
   fax:		+44-1707-284303

Welcome to my home page!

My interests are mainly in all aspects of programming languages and compiler technology. I tend to focus on distributed and parallel computing aspects of languages, systems and applications. I am especially interested in the interplay between the static and dynamic properties of progam entities, especially in respect of extrafunctional characteristics, such as latency, power consumption, throughput, etc., in both logical and statistical sense.

I have conducted research into component technology and coordination languages since 2005. This has been amply financed by the EU, for which I am very grateful, and also supported by a number of large companies with whom I worked on Framework projects.

I am taking care of CTCA; please consult its web page for the information about what we are and what we do. CTCA is the focal point of all our effors. Its success is due to the excellence of its members, both staff and students. I am very proud of both.

I have an unrelated interest in information theory and its applictaions, especially to optical fibre communications.

Here is my CV which includes a complete list of publications. I try to keep it up-to-date, but it may not list recent publications, especially those for which exact references are not yet available.

Professional Activities

I am a Senior Member of IEEE, a member of IFIP technical committee 10.3 (Concurrent Systems) and HiPEAC.

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Current PhD students/projects

A number of studentships is available.

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Other interests

Book publishing
HAM radio