EPSRC Network on Evolvability in Biology & Software Systems

Evolvability, Genetics & Development in Natural and Constructed Systems: Abstracts of the EPSRC Evolvability Network Symposium

Tewin Bury Farm Hotel, Hertfordshire, England, UK
26-28 August 2003

University of Hertfordshire Computer Science Technical Report 389
C. L. Nehaniv, P. J. Bentley & S. Kumar (Editors)

Exploration of Reaction-Diffusion and Pattern Formation (POSTER)

Exploration of Reaction-Diffusion and Pattern Formation


University College London, U.K.


This poster reviews the development of the concept of reaction-diffusion leading to pattern formation in living organisms. It commences with an historical background and then describes biological development, and ideas of the formation of patterns using dynamic activator inhibitor systems. The mathematical background and the different models to represent such systems are introduced and the similarities and differences between the models are explored by comparing the patterns that emerge from them and by observing their parameter spaces. Finally, the commercial application of reaction-diffusion is discussed.