EPSRC Network on Evolvability in Biology & Software Systems

Evolvability, Genetics & Development in Natural and Constructed Systems: Abstracts of the EPSRC Evolvability Network Symposium

Tewin Bury Farm Hotel, Hertfordshire, England, UK
26-28 August 2003

Abstracts of EvoDevo Systems Symposium -- 26-28 August 2003, Tewin

Symposium Organizers:

Chrystopher L. Nehaniv
University of Hertfordshire, U.K.
(Director, EPSRC Evolvability Network)

Peter J. Bentley and Sanjeev Kumar
University College London, U.K.
(Editors of the book ``On Growth, Form and Computers")

Supported by:

Adaptive Systems Research Group
University of Hertfordshire, U.K.

University College London, U.K.

U.K. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
Network on Evolvability in Biological & Software Systems
EPSRC Grant GR/N23158/01


Click on the title of a presentation to access its abstract. Numbers refer to page numbers in the proceedings, published as University of Hertfordshire Computer Science Technical Report 389, C. L. Nehaniv, P. J. Bentley & S. Kumar (Editors), August, 2003.

Abstracts of Presentations

Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, Evolvability: Connections with Development, Duplication-Divergence, and other Mechanisms in Natural and Constructed Systems 1

Paul Marrow, Evolvability, Development, Computing and Telecommunications 2

Michael Frohlich, An Evolutionary Scenario for the Origin of Flowers, the Goals of Evo-Devo, and What Has and Hasn't Happened 3

Peter J. Bentley, Fractal Proteins and Computational Development 4

Maria Schilstra, The Role of Genetic Regulatory Networks in Biological Evolution 5

Irina Abnizova, A Statistical Approach to Estimate Different Evolution and Functional Genomic Regions 6

Irina Abnizova and Christophe Battail, Feasibility of Automating the Process of Genetic Regulatory Network Inference 7

René te Boekhorst, Artificial EvoDevo as a Proposed Tool for the Validation of Genomic Research 8

Hans Meinhardt, Pattern Formation and Pattern Regulation during Early Embryonic Development 9

Joshua Bongard, Why Genetic Regulatory Networks are Useful for Evolving Robots 10

Tom Quick, C. L. Nehaniv and Kerstin Dautenhahn, Evolving GRNs as Real-Time Behavioural Control Systems 11

Eileen J. Cox, Cell Wall Development in Diatoms - The Challenge to Understanding Pattern Control in a Unicell 12

Julian F. Miller, Evolving Developmental Programs that Construct Multicellular ``Organisms" Capable of Metamorphosis, Segmentation and Self-Repair 13

Sanjeev Kumar, The Art of Nature: Evolving Developmental Programs for the Construction of Morphology 14

Attila Egri-Nagy and Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, Evolvability of the Genotype-Phenotype Relationship in Populations of Self-Replicating Archeans 15

Angelo Cangelosi, Modularity and Language in Evolutionary Neural Networks 16

Poster Abstracts

Katie Bentley, Evolving Complex Forms which Self-Assemble into a Self-Replicating Functional Form 17

Rachel Wood, Evolving Minimal Developmental Systems for Piaget's Delayed Approach Task 18

Chrisantha Fernando, CTRNN WORLD: A Model of Open-ended Evolution in a Dissipative System 20

Maria Schilstra, The Logic of Gene Regulation 21

Ramona Behravan, Exploration of Reaction-Diffusion and Pattern Formation 22

Late-Breaking Presentation Abstract

Paulien Hogeweg, Evolution of Morphogenesis: The Interface between Generic and Informatic Processes 23