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Software Evolvability at IEEE ICSM 2005

First International IEEE Workshop on

Software Evolvability

IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM)
Budapest, Hungary.
26 September 2005

Invited Speaker: Prof. M. M. Lehman on Software Evolution

Program Chairs: Prof. Chrystopher L. Nehaniv and Dr. Paul Wernick (University of Hertfordshire)

Programme Committee:
the above, and
Prof. Joseph Goguen (University of California, San Diego)
Dr. Christopher Landauer (The Aerospace Corporation, USA)
Prof. Robert Laddaga (MIT)
Prof. Martin Loomes (University of Hertfordshire)
Prof. David Ackley (University of New Mexico)

[All papers published by IEEE in proceedings]

Software Evolvablity. Details on scope:

In this meeting, we will focus on the notion of evolvability in software evolution, and how it can lead to insight into the design, reguirements for, and long-term maintenance and evolution of software systems. The ability to evolve software over time to meet the changing needs of its stakeholders is one of the principal challenges currently facing software engineering. Software evolution is now well-established as an area worthy of research. This workshop is intended to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners in this area to present their results, current and proposed research, and reasoned or speculative opinions on how the requirements of a software-based system can be evolved or made more evolvable, The results of the meeting will help to underpin the growing pace of evolution of systems meeting those requirements.

Evolvability in biology is the capacity for non-lethal heritable variation, is a striking property of biological systems that has not been successfully understood in its formal and system-theoretic aspects, nor has it been successfully modelled computationally or applied in software systems or evolutionary computation. How to achieve robustness, adaptability, and flexibility in facing changing requirements and environments is a paramount issue for software and related systems, not adequately addressed by previous work either in computer science or biological systems. Our aim is to involve researchers and representatives from academia and industry to tackle the understanding of this important research area. Applications to software engineering, as well as telecommunications, engineering design, systems science, interactive systems, evolutionary biology, optimization, and evolutionary computation are expected to grow from the resulting collaborations and work based on them.

Submissions and Publication Submissions of high quality papers of up to 6 pages (regular papers) in two-column IEEE format are invited for submission to the meeting. Send pdf or ps file to C.L.Nehaniv@herts.ac.uk
All submissions will be peer-reviewed according to IEEE standards. Depending on decisions of the scientific programme committee, some papers may be accepted for short presentations with reduced length. Accepted papers for the special session will be published in the IEEE conference proceedings.
Submission deadline: 3 April 2005 [closed] .

Supported by the U.K. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Network on Evolvability in Biological and Software Systems
& IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM 2005)