Software Evolution and Evolutionary Computation

Symposium Abstracts

C. L. Nehaniv, M. Loomes, P. Marrow, P. Wernick (Eds.),

EPSRC Network on Evolvability in Biological & Software Systems,

February 2002


Abstracts of Presentations

C. L. Nehaniv, What Do Software Evolution and Biological Evolution Have in Common?

M. M. Lehman and J. F. Ramil, Is Evolution Intrinsic to All Real World Software? An Answer and Some Implications *

J. F. Ramil and M. M. Lehman, An Approach to the Prediction of Software Evolutionary Attributes and some of its Implications

M. Beynon, Software Evolution and the Semantic Relation: An Empirical Modelling Perspective

A. Lord (with I. Price), MENDEL and EDEN: Exploring Evolutionary Pathways in Socially Constructed Systems

R. Laddaga, The Biological Metaphor and Self-Adaptive Software *

P. Wernick, Analogies for Software Evolution: Darwin or Lamarck?

W. B. Langdon, Characteristics of the Genetic Programming Search Space

M. Loomes, Evolution: A Non-Technocentric View

P. Bentley, Development, Embodiment, and Excitement *

C. Landauer and K. L. Bellman, Evolutionary Infrastructure and Biological Systems *

P. Marrow, Evolvability: A Perspective from Telecommunications and Biology *

J. F. Miller, What is a Good Genotype-Phenotype Mapping for the Evolution of Computer Programs? *

J. Bird and P. Layzell, Is an Open-ended Artificial Evolutionary Process Possible?

I. W. Marshall, C Roadknight and A. Gonzalez, Evolutionary Approaches to Management of Pervasive Computing

A. G. Laws, A. Taleb-Bendiab and S. J. Wade, Bridging the Gap: The Cybernetics of Auto-Adaptive Software Systems

N. McBride, Using Molecular Biology as a Metaphor for Generating Architectures for Adaptive Evolutionary Information Systems

Abstracts of Posters

A. Penn, Major Transitions, Homeostasis and the Evolution of Individuality: Preliminary Work on a Metric for Individuality

T. French and S. Polovina, Shared Meanings Requirements Elicitation and Evolution (SMREE): A Candidate Semiotic DNA for Software Development Success?

K. Anderson and P. McOwan, A Memetic Algorithm for Scene Content and Motions Analysis

``*'' denotes an invited lecture.

This is University of Hertfordshire Computer Science Technical Report No. 364, February 2002.