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Bold Hearts

Bold Hearts

The University of Hertfordshire RoboCup Team Page.

Bold Hearts 2010

For current information, please go to the new Bold Hearts 2010 page.

Bold Hearts 2009

And we are back! We have won the RoboCup German Open 2009 - now preparing for the World Championship in Graz. We are employing various new algorithms for walking and to deal with the restricted vision. More information is found at the dedicated Bold Hearts 2009 website. A report from the German Open can be found at Heise (in German). Our 2009 team consists of:

Bold Hearts 2008

Taking a well-deserved break. We will be back.

Bold Hearts 2007

The first year with humanoids in the simulation league! The team was created by Daniel Polani with help of Jenna Garner, Michael Snelling, Jayasudha Selvaraj, and Parham Haghighi-Rad; in view of limited time we concentrated on getting the agents to achieve basic skills, such as kicking and standing up. We are looking forward to the next year!

Bold Hearts 2006

Again, we have only a 3d team; team members are: This team concentrates on some further development of the approches done last years and experiments with a few new features (you'll see - hopefully...)

Bold Hearts 2005

This is a 3d team only; team members are: The team further develops some of the features of Bold Hearts 2004 and has a more systematic approach to strategic positioning and collaboration.

Bold Hearts 2004

The 2d team was based on Bold Hearts 2003, and we acknowledge the use of the UvA Trilearn 2002 code.

The 3d team was created by Daniel Polani, based on the example agent provided with the 3D simulator. It provided a world model, a novel pattern-based approach to calculate skills and some novel conceptual ideas given in the team description.

Bold Hearts 2003

The team consists of

Bold Hearts 2003 is based on the UvA Trilearn 2002 code. The main concept used in the Bold Hearts 2003 code is the SIVE methodology (described in the Bold Hearts team description) that enabled agents to learn specific skills based on information-theoretic criteria.

Here you can find:

Former Teams

Don't forget to visit our ancestor teams:


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