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DMarks II

DMarks II - Agent-Based Economy Simulation


DMarks II is an agent-based platform for automated trading and its simulation for distributed agents connected by a network. Based on Java, it has been written by Erich Kutschinski at the Institut für Informatik at the University of Mainz and released under the GPL. DMarks II has been developed together with Daniel Polani and Thomas Uthmann based on their earlier DMarks I system which had been first presented at ASIM 1999. Its versatility and power has been successfully used to study multiagent learning in trading agents scenarios (see e.g. the CEF or JEDC paper). It is also being used by Leigh Tesfatsion in her Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE) course.


Here we provide two versions:

Further Links

If you are interested in agent-based computational economics, social interaction systems or complex multiagent systems in general, we recommend the ACE web site with its excellent resources by Leigh Tesfatsion at Iowa State University.

One of the sites linked at this ACE website focuses on interactive computer demos and another on software: these sites are directly accessible at


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