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RoboCup, the International Robotic Soccer Project aims to boost Artificial Intelligence research via competitions in robot soccer and similar tasks. Many central questions of Artificial intelligence are addressed here, e.g. adaptation, learning, autonomy, multiagent scenarios, machines coping with adversity and much more.

The University of Hertfordshire regularly participates in the International RoboCup Competition with its simulation team, a robotic soccer agent team, the Bold Hearts. As part of the Bold Hearts team of 2005, you will have the unique opportunity to do internationally visible research-relevant work, boost your programming, software engineering and Artificial Intelligence skills, and possibly have your work being part of a team participating at international RoboCup robotic soccer competitions.

If you want to be part of the Bold Hearts team, you should

  1. have a keen interest in modern methods of Artificial Intelligence
  2. have strong programming skills in at least one computer language
  3. be highly motivated to be part of a team who will strive to develop agents which will be able to compete in an international competition

Work on the RoboCup team is an extracurricular activity, but it can form an excellent basis for your final year or Masters project. And, last, but not least, it is really great fun!

Participants at any level are welcome to join.

Contact: Daniel Polani, room LC 252

Former Teams

Some movies from the 2007 RoboCup competition in Atlanta


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