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Available Student Projects

Available Student Projects

We have a wide selection of highly interesting and topical student projects in the direction of Artificial Life, Artificial Intelligence and related fields (see my homepage for an overview of my research interests and here for those of the Adaptive Systems Research Group). Projects are available for both undergraduate and graduate level, ranging from medium to challenging level of difficulty. Ideally, you should be confident in at least one major computer language, have a keen interest in Artificial Life/Artificial Intelligence topics, and enjoy the possibility of exploring new avenues.

If you are interested in one or more of the topics mentioned below and would like to hear more details, you can make an appointment by mailing D. Polani, also if you have an idea of your own that you believe may fall in our area of interest.

Possible project areas are (this list will grow with time, so please check regularly for up-to-date information):

  1. RoboCup (Robotic Soccer): various tasks, e.g. If successful, these projects may become part of the Bold Hearts RoboCup team.
  2. Sensor evolution:
  3. Learning, behaviour analysis and synthesis:
  4. Agent Societies:
  5. Bioinformatics/Models for the origins of life:

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