Sensor Evolution

Special Issue

Artificial Life


published by

MIT Press

edited by

Kerstin Dautenhahn, Daniel Polani, Thomas Uthmann


Volume 7, Number 2, 2001


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Table of Contents:


Editors' Introduction



Guest Editors' Introduction: Special Issue on Sensor Evolution


Kerstin Dautenhahn; Daniel Polani; Thomas Uthmann




A Study of the Simulated Evolution of the Spectral Sensitivity of Visual Agent Receptors


Achim Liese; Daniel Polani; Thomas Uthmann


Evolution of Visual Resolution Constrained by a Trade-off


Rens Kortmann; Eric Postma; Jaap van den Herik


Artificial Ears for a Biomimetic Sonarhead: From Multiple Reflectors to Surfaces


J. M. Carmena; N. D. Kim Kämpchen; D. Kim; J. C. T. Hallam


Evolving Control Metabolisms for a Robot


Jens Ziegler; Wolfgang Banzhaf


Evolving Collective Behavior in an Artificial Ecology


Christopher R. Ward; Fernand Gobet; Graham Kendall


Short Commentary


Specialist and Generalist Strategies in Sensory Evolution


Peter A. Cariani