2000 AAAI Fall Symposium "Socially Intelligent Agents: The Human in the Loop"

Working Group on Emotions in Social Interactions

Notes by Lola Cañamero (LRI, University of Paris-XI, France)

Topics discussed:

1) What do SIA need emotions for?

2) Which emotions are better suited for SIA?

a) "Basic" emotions:

b) More "subtle" emotions:

We should start investigating/using these, at several levels:

3) (How) will humans accept/trust emotional artifacts?

At least two factors are essential for this:

What these two things mean depends on factors such as: personality of the user, application/domain, culture, context, etc.

Proposal: we should model emotions adapting them to types of "profiles" that take these factors into account. Also take into account the evolution of emotional interaction over time.

4) Coherence and consistency should be preserved:

5) Some needs were identified, such as:

6) Anthropomorphism:

As a conclusion: it can be very valuable to rely on the human tendency to anthropomorphize and to treat artifacts as social partners, but explicitly including anthropomorphism in design is less advisable.


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