I am back from Japan

I visited JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), working on collaboration around a social inclusion and autonomy project. I also gave a talk during JAIST World Conference 2019, on how robots can be used to support this project.

Here you can see some local coverage of our interactions. 

A short translation of this coverage is offered below:

The project works on the demonstrative verification of the robot/AI applications performed at facilities in Kaga City, planning to develop assisting systems with autonomy.

Nursing Robotics Experiments Cooperation in 2019, at Kaga city’s hospitals

The research team of the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Nomi City) and Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Nonoichi City) will work on Kaga City in fiscal 2019 for demonstration experiments utilizing robots for nursing care and living support for people with disabilities. Researchers met on March 7 at the city hall with Mayor RIku Miyamato. “We would like to make efforts to help the region’s development,” researchers said.  Researchers are Professor Ryo Maezono and  Associate Professor Rihyei Kan from  Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Professor Kousei Demura at Kanazawa Institute of Technology. They are engaged in international research projects about utilizing robot technology for living support for people with disabilities. Kaga city declared for the first time in Japan “smart inclusion city” which aims at a city that is easy to live regardless of the presence or absence of disability by utilizing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT (Internet of goods) last July. This direction agreed with the research team. With the cooperation of hospitals and welfare facilities in the city, they examine the effects and problems of nursing robots and rehabilitation robots. From abroad, Professor Falsaid Amirabdollahian at Hertfordshire University in the UK and Francesca Azolini, an official of Torrento State Government in Italy, also visited the city hall. {WE CAN ADD HERE} Despite its small provincial city, Rovereto City in the state has over 100 venture companies. Mayor Miyamoto said “I would like to receive advice on the city’s efforts and be able to exchange various things for the future”. An international conference that considers the future creation that anyone can participate in society from the viewpoint of autonomy (automatic control) will be held at Ishikawa Hi-tech Exchange Center (Nomi City) from 10 am to 4 pm.  Mayor Miyamoto will speak.