PhD Students

Current PhD students:

• Mrs Lisa Bowers, who is also a senior lecturer in York St John University lecturing in product design, investigates use of haptic technologies in education for the blind and partially sighted. Prof Marcus Ormeord from the University of Salford is on this supervisory team. Lisa is currently in her final year but her PhD is progressing on a part-time basis. A link to Lisa’s project can be found here.

• Mr Michael Bowler, who is also a research associate in our LIREC project, investigating use of haptic technologies and remote interaction in a therapeutic and engaging context. Prof Kerstin Dautenhahn is on the supervisory team with me. Mike is currently in his 3rd year and a link to Mike’s project can be found here.

• Miss Udeshika Dissanayake, researching in the area of rehabilitation robots and QEEG feedback

• Mr Sudhir Sharma, researching serious games and robotics for rehabilitation

• Mr Azeemsha Thacham Poyil, researching combining robotics with EMG and QEEG for rehabilitation

PhD students that have finished their research:
• Mr Nauman Shah investigated: Designing motivational games for robot-mediated stroke rehabilitation’, 2015

• Mr Hock Chye Gan investigating ‘Using multi-modal bio-digital technologies to support the assessment of cognitive abilities of children with physical and neurological impairments’, 2014.

•Mrs Radhika Gudipati (aka Chemuturi) investigating “GENTLE/A – Adaptive robotic assistance for upper-limb rehabilitation’, 2013.

• Mr Josh Wainer investigating ‘collaborative interaction with robots and children with autism’, 2012.

Examined PhDs:
• Dr Fotios Papadopoulos: Socially Interactive Robots as Mediators in Human-Human Remote Communication, 2012.

Dr Iain Evans: A Novel Parametric Scale for Determining Rehabilitation Progress in the Upperlimb, 2014.

• Dr Bidan Huang: The Use of Modular Approaches for Robots to Learn Grasping and Manipulation, 2014.

• Dr Antoine Hiolle: A Developmental Approach to the Study of A ective Bonds for Human-Robot Interaction, 2015.

• Dr Luke Jai Wood: Robot-Mediated Interviews: A Robotics Intermediary for Facilitating Communication with Children, 2015.

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