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This page is about Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET) analysis. TU-Vienna has developed a WCET analysis framework that allows to analyze programs given as C source code (written in wcetC, a special dialect developed for WCET analysis) and also as assembly code.

The tool was initially developed to analyze code for the C167CR processor from Siemens (therefore comes the suffix "_167" in the name).


WCET analysis is an active and interesting research topic inside the domain of real-time computing. To have an impression, how the WCET analysis tool works, please browse the publications of Raimund Kirner.

There is also some documentation about the WCET analysis tool itself available:


This tool is still under development. But if you want to see the concepts of the tool, you can download a preliminary test version. This tool is not restricted in usage, except that it has some built-in limitations: The back-end of the compiler and the WCET calculation tool are currently only targeted to the C167CR processor from Siemens (there exist also an older implementation for the M68000 from Motorola). But we plan to extend the tool also to other interesting hardware platforms. But again, the tool is still in development, there have to be also done some work inside the compiler to enhance support of code optimizations.

Download Section:


Sorry, but we can't provide support for this preliminary version of the tool. And also, the use of this tool is at your own risk, we do not guarantee anything about the results you may obtain with them (though the tool was tested thoroughly at our department).

But you are welcome to send the author comments about your experience with the tool.

Authors contact: r.kirner (@), last modification: Feb. 25th, 2014.