Twenty-fourth Workshop:

The 2016 workshop takes place from Wednesday April 6th to Friday April 8th, at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.

Position papers must be sent to by 31 January 2016. Further details can be found at

The remainder of this page relates to the 2015 workshop, so is of historic interest only.


A provisional schedule for the 2015 workshop has now been published.

Workshop announcement:

The Twenty-third International Workshop on Security Protocols will take place from Tuesday March 31st to Thursday April 2nd, 2015 at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, England.

As with previous years, attendance at the International Workshop on Security Protocols is by invitation only.


The theme of this year's workshop is "Information Security in Fiction and in Fact".

Fiction can become fact: mobile phones look and operate the way they do because the engineers who design them watched Star Trek when they were children.

But yesterday's facts also become today's fictions: today most privacy protocols are theatrical performances, albeit not always playing to a live audience.

How is information security handled in fiction, and what aspects of this could we emulate in next-generation technology if we tried? And how much of what we do now should be relegated to writers of historical fiction?

This theme is not intended to restrict the topic of your paper, but to help provide a particular perspective and focus to the discussions. Our intention is to stimulate discussion likely to lead to conceptual advances, or to promising new lines of investigation, rather than merely to consider finished work.


Short indicative submissions are preferred, preferably no more than 2000 words. You will have the opportunity to extend and revise your paper both before the pre-proceedings are issued, and again after the workshop. At the workshop, you will be expected to spend about ten minutes introducing the idea of your paper, in a way which facilitates a longer more general discussion.

Pre-proceedings will be provided at the workshop.


Mar 3rd: Revised papers due

Mar 6th: Registration Deadline

Mar 31st: Workshop in Cambridge

If you are invited to the workshop, don't forget that you can send us a revised copy of your paper (for inclusion in the pre-proceedings) by the deadline above.


If you have any enquiries about the workshop then you might want to look at the rules, but if your question is not answered there, please contact one of the organising committee:

Bruce Christianson (Email: B.Christianson AT
Professor of Informatics, University of Hertfordshire.
Paper submission to:
James A. Malcolm (Email: J.A.Malcolm AT, Tel: +44-1707-284310).