Peter Lane

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Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire.


I teach on the BSc and MSc programmes for Computer Science (both on campus and on-line), and also supervise research students to PhD level.

The subjects I cover vary each year, but are typically a mix of:

  • Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Cognitive Modelling

  • Data Mining

  • Programming (from beginner to advanced, usually in Java)

  • Programming Language Design / Paradigms


UH Profile - my research is mainly in the area of learning algorithms and their applications:

  • Cognitive Architectures: CHREST model of human attention and learning

  • Machine Learning: applications (data mining) and theory

  • Methodology: the development of scientific software and models

Current projects:

  • "Genetically evolving models of science (GEMS)", an ERC-funded project, with Prof. Fernand Gobet (PI). This five-year project began in October 2019, and is based at the London School of Economics.

  • "Rapid bacteria colony counting algorithm", a HKEP-funded project, with Dr. Na Helian (PI), Dr. Yi Sun and Synoptics Ltd. This four-year project sponsors a PhD student to develop new algorithms for counting bacteria colonies.


I have commercial experience in the following areas:

  • software development, especially Ruby, Java, and C/C++.

  • data mining/machine learning applications for data analysis

An example project: Geo Strategies Ltd.