This project combines psychology and computational techniques in an attempt to (semi-)automate the construction of computational models from data. We use genetic programming to create computer programs driving a simple cognitive architecture to simulate results taken from psychological experiments.

The project was funded by the ESRC. More details can be found on the project website: Automatic Generation of Scientific Theories.

Main publications are:

  1. P.C.R. Lane, P.D. Sozou, F. Gobet and M. Addis, ‘Analysing psychological data by evolving computational models’, in A. Wilhelm and H. Kestler (Eds.), Analysis of Large and Complex Data, Springer, pp.587-597, 2016. [Proceedings of the European Conference on Data Analysis 2014]. Web page.
  2. M. Addis, P.D. Sozou, P.C.R. Lane and F. Gobet, ‘Computational scientific discovery and cognitive science theories’, in Müller, Vincent C. (ed.), Computing and Philosophy: Selected papers from IACAP 2014, Heidelberg: Springer (Synthese Library), 2016. Web page.
  3. F. Gobet, M. Addis, P.C.R. Lane and P.D. Sozou, ‘Automatically Generating Scientific Theories about Decision Making under Uncertainty’, in Workshop ‘Forecasting, monitoring, controlling: Dealing with a dynamic world’, at University College London, 19th-20th September, 2013. Poster.