Peter Lane

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Applications/Research projects

  • CHREST: an implementation of the eponymous cognitive architecture.

  • Ferret: a copy-detection program.

  • Model Evolution Toolkit: software for evolving efficient parameter sets for computational models.

Asciidoc utilities

I use asciidoc for most of my notes/writing, because it supports syntax-highlighting of source code, and can be output to a variety of formats, including html and pdf.

  • asciidoc-bib: expands citations in a text file into references and a full bibliography, taking information from a BibTeX biblio file. Think bibtex for asciidoc. (There are now better versions of this for asciidoctor, asciidoc’s Ruby sibling.)

  • html2pages: divides a single html file into a series of linked chapters, and can embed css styles within the text, ready for upload to a CMS system.

My GEM guide is an example of using asciidoc with html2pages (and of how GUI programming looked in the 1980s).

Other stuff

... can be found in my scrapbook.