I teach on the BSc and MSc programmes for Computer Science (both on campus and on-line), and also supervise research students to PhD level.

The subjects vary each year, but are typically a mix of:

  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Cognitive Modelling
  • Data Mining
  • Programming (from beginner to advanced, usually in Java)
  • Programming Language Design / Paradigms

Research Students

  1. Alok Verma, ‘Semantic data fusion in IoT systems’, PhD, started 2017.
  2. Deepak Panday, ‘Weighted-feature based data clustering’, PhD, started 2015.


  1. Zaheed Mahmood, ‘An analysis of software defect prediction studies through reproducibility and replication’, PhD, 2018. Download.
  2. Pam Green, ‘Extracting group relationships within changing software using text analysis’, PhD, 2013. Download.
  3. Ji Wan Han, ‘A multi-level machine-learning system for attention-based object recognition’, PhD, 2010. Download.
  4. Rosemary E. Gilligan, ‘Case Based Reasoning (CBR) for medical diagnostic systems design’, MPhil, 2009.