HRI and Developmental Robotics

I am a Research Fellow in the Adaptive Systems Research Group at the University of Hertfordshire since the end of 2015 and also did my PhD research here. Prior to returning to the group I worked as postdoc and software integrator at the MMV group at Queen Mary University.

I am currently working in the HRI-BioPsy project where I investigate the validity and feasability of measures to detect rapport in human-robot interaction - optimally by measures that can be taken in real time. In particular I am looking at various indices for motor resonance and measures of entrainment. This involves a lot of data mangling of unstructured data from motion sensors which got me more recently interested into more fancy methods of statistical testing and data science.
During my PhD I developed during a language acquisition and behavioural architecture that was put to use to test certain (psycho-)linguistic theories. In particular I investigated theories on the origin of linguistic negation, or, by and large, how the word `no', one of the very first words typically uttered by human toddlers, comes about.

Before I discovered this fantastic research field that I am currently involved in I did my bachelor and masters degree in computer science at >Ulm University. My focus there was on neural networks and machine learning. Apart from studying computer science I started to get interested in philosophy, especially the philosophy of language and I attended a few lectures in Ulm as well as during my semester at the >ITESO in Guadalajara, Mexico.

My research interests include: